Thurm's Doorstep

Last holdout of civilization in the Frozen North – population about 3,000

Hardy Northerners of the Kingdom of Kallas – mainly lumberjacks, trappers, and huntsmen


1. We don’t need nobody.
The people of Thurm’s are very hardy, individualistic, and self-reliant. Most of the men make/maintain their own (non-metal) gear, and are fiercely proud in genreal.

2. Southerners are pussies.
People from farther south then Shegan’s Gap are weak, soft people who do not know how to really survive. Really long growing seasons and mild conditions have made them all soft.

3. North of us is too far North.
No one survives any farther North than here. That’s just crazy talk.

4. Snow builds character.

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Thurm's Doorstep

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