Kyuss Breldin


High Concept High Huntsman and Tracker for House Bellson

Trouble People are stupid.

Aspect Head on a swivel.

Aspect Kill a man in a fair fight.




Kyuss is an old-school, hard as nails, tough as leather woodsman who takes what he needs from the land – no more, no less. He enjoys the occasional good drink and good tale – and his commissions from the House afford him the ability to indulge in that as well as keep some of the finest gear man can make. When not in a social mood (which is most often) one can find him out in the wood in the company of tress, where he is most at home.

In his younger days, Kyuss spent time in the Kallian Army as a scout. His time there left him with a few tales of battle and a few nightmares – and his ever present wariness is evidence that he never really left war behind him for good.

Kyuss Breldin

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