Davian Trestle


High Concept Master Puppeteer, amateur actor

Trouble Drinking problem

Aspect That reminds me of a story

Aspect Have a round with me
Never meets a stragner…never turns down another round either…

Aspect MY misfits.
Fiercely loyal to his band of troubadors – willing to take risks on their behalf. This soft spot extends to anyone that society at large looks sideways at.

Davian is a tiny man, full of energy and life. He loves his puppets and his merry band of misfits, and truly enjoys life on the road.

He stands about 5 feet tall, weighing in at a whopping 110 pounds. His shaggy dirty-blonde hair frames a congenial face with warm brown eyes and an easy smile. His mode of dress is always nice but not ostentatious, wearing appropriate fashions for his environment in a way that bespeak good taste but not wealth.


Davian Trestle

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