High Aspect: Berserker of Lordran, Troubled scion of the Bear

Trouble: Anger Issues.

Aspect: Never backs down.

Aspect: The devil is in the details

Aspect: Blood is thicker than water.

Description: Blonde hair, well kept

Scar runs through left eye – wound from a werewolf. Wound healed with poultices from Katra.

Light hazel eyes, left one is a tad milky golden brown color owing to his wound.


Enemy: Primary clan enemy is another beserker, named Rayleck, Oberix’s main challenger for clan leadership. Politically manuvered Oberix into the taskforce so tha the could stay behind to consolidate power. Rayleck gained the chief’s favor by defeating Oberix in a contest of strength ( he did this by poisoning Oberix the night before)

Ally: Katra, gave him antidote to poison and helps him deal with his rage issues with infusions of an herbal tea.


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